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About Wal-Mart Cat Shooting Angers Advocates – About Cats – All …
This person cared enough to make a difference, and reported what he saw and You seem to feel about cats as I do people like you Ted Nugent I think we need to expand the death penalty for people who are selfish and cold hearted The cat may have been doing a service to Walmart. … Read Article

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News The True Power Of A Signature
Nothing keeps a person accountable like a signature. That John Hancock still carries the same weight it did back in 1776. When the collapse of a Bangladesh garment factory killed over 1,100 workers last month–and eight more perished in a fire at another clothing factory soon after–astonishingly, the clothing retailers tied to these tragedies claimed to know nothing at all about where their … Read News

Wikipedia Talk:Audism – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
I also disagree with you saying they are just impaired people. A Deaf person is no more impaired than you or I. It is improved now, but it is still difficult to get a job as a Deaf person anywhere beyond Walmart or burger flipping, … Read Article

About For All You Walmart Haters Out There… – Calorie Counter …
ChrisLiving like the thin person I want to be. chris1208 Sep 10 2008 21:07 Member posts Member groups Send message #3 Quote 3. it doesn't explain why 90% of the people shopping at my walmart are obese. and have bad taste. FloggingSully. floggingsully Sep 10 2008 21:09 Member posts Send message … Read Article

About Walmart Pre-Employment Assessment Test Tips
I think they should forget about the test and hire some people. Every time I go into Walmart the lines are backed up they need help. Im a good hard working person and very dependable. —latoniacole. I failed? … Read Article

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News LPGA's Ryu Confident, Keeps Focus
So Yeon Ryu spent Monday morning explaining the science of golf to a group of Toledo elementary school students. … Read News

1:36 People of WalMart by Hey Fingaz 1,870,171 views 6:32 WALMARTIANS.flv by guy6508 2,856 views 3:01 Scaring people at Walmart by Ambushcrysis 75,647 views 2:56 NEW AND BEST People of Walmart 2012 by Liam James 56,312 views … View Video

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News Walmart Hit And Run
The Erie County Sheriff tells us they're looking for a purple GM make car that was involved in a hit and run accident last night at the Walmart in Clarence on Transit Road. … Read News

Wikipedia Talk:Deaf Culture – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Namely in that most people who have children with cochlear implants don't teach their Deaf people now serve in many capacities, from walmart to the government. They have shown that they can not only drive, but A deaf person has the brain power to learn as much and the … Read Article

YouTube Walmart Gangstalking-Sprays People With Pesticides With …
Walmart engages in gangstalking. Gangstalking is when a person is a victim of overwhelming surveillance by multiple people. The people who participate play characters as if in … View Video

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