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News This Spherical Solar Power Device Looks Like Nothing You\’ve Seen Before
Renewable energy doesn\’t have to be ugly, as this German architect shows with his efficient solar concentrating device that tracks the sun. If the race to find alternative power was a simple beauty contest, then André Broessel\’s solar ball would surely be standard on rooftops by now. Because his energy concentrating design really is elegant–much more handsome than a clunky old solar panel. Read … Read News

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News Solar Financer Sunrun Buys Installer
The company that helped pioneer a unique financing scheme that has put solar panels on thousands of homes is getting into the construction side of the business and becoming more like one of its chief rivals, … Read News

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News CASE President Jigar Shah’s Response To SolarWorld Letter To President Obama: U.S. Solar Industry *is* In Danger …
Jigar Shah, President of the Coalition for Affordable Solar Energy , made the following statement in response to SolarWorld Chairman Frank Asbeck’s letter to President Obama: … Read News