Solar Energy Disadvantages

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News When Gluttony Stock Is A Smart Buy
Many investors are turning to collections of company stocks based on themes or long-term trends. NYT. … Read News

Solar Energy Disadvantages photos

News Here Comes The Sun-Powered MacBook?
Apple wants to use natural energy sources to keep MacBooks powered while on the move. The company has won a patent for a laptop with a lid that features a second display, touch inputs and solar cells. The latter could help users keep their MacBooks\’ batteries topped up without having to plug in an external charger. Apple filed its application in 2010, and USPTO granted it this week. … Read News

Solar Energy Disadvantages photos

News 22 Responses To Buzzfeed\’s 22 Messages From Creationists On Evolution And The Origin Of Life
Amid the hoopla over the Bill Nye-Ken Ham “debate” at the Creation Museum in Kentucky, Buzzfeed recently posted 22 messages from self-identified creationists . Here are responses to each of them. 1. “Bill Nye, are you influencing the minds of children in a positive way?” … Read News